We’re a Melbourne-based beer company with bold, global ambitions.

Since 2014, SAMPLE has been offering discerning drinkers of today our unique range of Fine Beer. Discovered through an experimentation in taste & design, our classic and new age recipes use only essential ingredients.

Our vision is to inspire ideas in people because we believe beer is the ideal companion to conversations and creative thinking.

Keep It Simple, Keep It SAMPLE.

  • Ethic

    We select only essential ingredients. Our embrace of this approach goes a step further.

  • All-natural

    Every batch of Sample Brew is all-natural & comes free of preservatives & additives.

  • Refined palate

    We give rise to a refined palate in each & every can of beer.

Keep it SAMPLE.

Delectable from the get go, our fine beer are made with the finest ingredients. Keep it simple & experience the difference with Sample.

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